The Parental Control Software – Reasons to Use It nowadays

Parental Control Software – Reasons to Use It

Every parent sometimes asks himself some simple questions. Can I leave the child at the computer without my control? How to protect my kid from intruders on the network? Does my child use a computer for studying or playing games? This is not a full list of doubts a modern parent can have when it comes to raising a child in a smart and safe way.

The modern world gives us a lot of opportunities, but it holds no fewer and dangers. Our task is to protect children from the pernicious influence of the Internet. For this purpose, a lot of spyware and parental control software products have been introduced to the market and are widely used by dozens of parents.

How Does It Work?

Through the program, parents will be able to observe all the actions of their child performed on the computer, to know what he is doing at the time of their absence. The program records all the visited websites, as well as his correspondence in social networks, Skype, and other messengers. Besides, parental control software also saves the desktop images in a separate folder; thus, you can see everything that was displayed on the screen. On the top of that, you can set a function of the app to make screenshots in some time intervals, to record videos, and enable webcam functioning, which means you can 100% control your kid.

Main Features

  • Invisible mode – the system is hidden from the user’s eyes, and the monitoring is carried out in a way impossible to notice;
  • Reports – the app generates detailed reports about all the actions of the child at the computer: working diagrams with programs and games, charts, web browsing and communication in messengers and social networks. This makes it possible to determine what the most time spent on the computer;
  • Making screen shots – you can view everything the child sees on the screen;
  • Tracking messages – all correspondence is saved in a separate folder and is automatically forwarded to your email address;
  • Access to passwords – you have the opportunity to disclose the passwords to mailboxes, dating sites, social networks, etc.;
  • Log file – all actions are logged to the file, the history of printed documents, connected USB devices, installed applications and much more.

Besides, the spyware gives you the ability to view all the search queries of your child in Google or any other search engines. This will give an opportunity to understand if your kid is looking for some useful information for study or is fascinated by something else. Hence, you will be able to analyze the behavior of the child and understand what motivates him rather than trying to simply forbid him access to certain kinds of websites. Such a ban is often ineffective; children are well versed in computers and always find how to get around such restrictions. Also, the new spyware programs are well protected: they operate in the invisible mode and do not appear in the list of running applications and programs.