The Parental Control Software – Reasons to Use It nowadays

Parental Control Software – Reasons to Use It

Every parent sometimes asks himself some simple questions. Can I leave the child at the computer without my control? How to protect my kid from intruders on the network? Does my child use a computer for studying or playing games? This is not a full list of doubts a modern parent can have when it comes to raising a child in a smart and safe way.

The modern world gives us a lot of opportunities, but it holds no fewer and dangers. Our task is to protect children from the pernicious influence of the Internet. For this purpose, a lot of spyware and parental control software products have been introduced to the market and are widely used by dozens of parents.

How Does It Work?

Through the program, parents will be able to observe all the actions of their child performed on the computer, to know what he is doing at the time of their absence. The program records all the visited websites, as well as his correspondence in social networks, Skype, and other messengers. Besides, parental control software also saves the desktop images in a separate folder; thus, you can see everything that was displayed on the screen. On the top of that, you can set a function of the app to make screenshots in some time intervals, to record videos, and enable webcam functioning, which means you can 100% control your kid.

Main Features

  • Invisible mode – the system is hidden from the user’s eyes, and the monitoring is carried out in a way impossible to notice;
  • Reports – the app generates detailed reports about all the actions of the child at the computer: working diagrams with programs and games, charts, web browsing and communication in messengers and social networks. This makes it possible to determine what the most time spent on the computer;
  • Making screen shots – you can view everything the child sees on the screen;
  • Tracking messages – all correspondence is saved in a separate folder and is automatically forwarded to your email address;
  • Access to passwords – you have the opportunity to disclose the passwords to mailboxes, dating sites, social networks, etc.;
  • Log file – all actions are logged to the file, the history of printed documents, connected USB devices, installed applications and much more.

Besides, the spyware gives you the ability to view all the search queries of your child in Google or any other search engines. This will give an opportunity to understand if your kid is looking for some useful information for study or is fascinated by something else. Hence, you will be able to analyze the behavior of the child and understand what motivates him rather than trying to simply forbid him access to certain kinds of websites. Such a ban is often ineffective; children are well versed in computers and always find how to get around such restrictions. Also, the new spyware programs are well protected: they operate in the invisible mode and do not appear in the list of running applications and programs.

Spyware for Parental Control: Cases, Features & Capabilities

Spyware for Parental Control: Cases, Features & Capabilities

At the modern time, using a PC and having access to the Internet is associated with many risks for an adult user, not to speak of kids, who may be exposed to some harmful information and a negative influence. That’s it why a modern parent is trying to find facilities that could provide control over their child to prevent some potential risks. Do you search for the way to know what your kid is doing on the PC in your absence? Do you need to record all his actions performed on a PC and monitor visited sites? All these questions can be answered with the help of a modern  parental control software used for tracking all operations made by the user on the computer.

Specific Capacities

Now a parent can set a convenient and secure control system for a computer depending on his needs. These include the following functional capacities:

  • Spyware stores all the collected info on your PC.
  • Parental control software can automatically forward all the collected data to your specified email though the Internet.
  • The program can conduct covert surveillance and is 100% invisible to the user.
  • The Software gives you the opportunity to watch the network of your computer.
  • Spyware runs automatically every time the use turns on a computer.
  • The program is simple to use, with the intuitive interface with a list of settings.

Thanks to the work of developers, modern spyware products open more control opportunities for parents, enabling them to watch over every step and action performed by a kid. What is more, the programs feature flexible algorithms and can generate reports in the following way:

  • By way of viewing the user’s screen via remote access in real time – online tracking;
  • In the form of tables of actions and statistics charts;
  • In a slideshow of screenshots and recorded actions;
  • In the form of web pages viewed in a browser

For 100% comfort of a parent, reports can be stored on the server or send to a specified e-mail in any format.

Owing to the intuitive interface of spyware, even “unadvanced” computer users will be able to work with the program easily. Besides, thanks to the program modules being able to crack passwords and tracking keyboard, the spyware can intercept and record any passwords. Thus, you will be able to disclose passwords for an email, Skype, Miranda, ICQ, and QIP and afterward conduct “spying” yourself without using any spyware.

With such a useful software, you will be aware of everything that is happening in the life of your child. Further, the application has a special feature that considerably saves you time: tracking messages for keywords used in the context. Thus, you do not need to view all the messages from your phone; you can simply enter stop words in your account and see when they are used in messages of your child. It is very convenient, and you’ll know what your kid is talking about and if there are any unacceptable, dangerous or suspicious things.

All About The Best Spyware for Parents: Short Overview for Today

Spyware for Parents: Short Overview

The phrase of Ronald Reagan “trust but verify” gained immense popularity, going beyond the problem of the disarmament of 2 great powers. Many things in the world are held in the balance between control and trust. The examples do not need to go far. Look, you live in a family with a growing child. His education is a balance between prohibitions, rigor, freedom, and independence. Every parent determines the balance in his way.

But this decision is very important since it influences the future of a child. Thus, overdoing the control and punishment leads to the formation of angry people with complexes, who are unable to make independent decisions and take risks. On the other hand, providing too much freedom often leads to erroneous ways of development of the child, facing the risks of taking drugs and jumping into hasty marriages. That is why it is critically important to consider the personality of your kid and his interests before deciding on the “strategy” of raising a strong, successful, and smart personality.

For this purpose, a modern product of parental control software will be of great help. Many parents think about the worthwhileness to use spyware. And there is nothing wrong here if you use it for good purposes only. Using the computer with the access to the Internet is always fraught with risk. Technology can bring together distant people, but it can also be the cause of strife, family dramas, etc. The computer can be a source of knowledge, but it can brainwash turning an obedient child into madcap.

Parental control software is a tool for covert surveillance over PC of your kid. The program allows you to monitor multiple versions of happenings in the system storing the info in a special log-file. The work of the program is unthinkable without secrecy. It is impossible to control another person, in case the control method is transparent and can be easily bypassed. In order to control to be effective, you must hide the application, which cannot be detected. This is actually what parental control spyware does when it comes to functioning.

A List of Capabilities

Regarding capacities, parental control software has a multi-faced functional structure. Its capacities include the following feature:

  • Monitoring all activities on a computer – get all the information about what actions are carried out on the PC: websites visited, programs run, typing, file operations, working hours and much more.
  • Remote real-time monitoring – keep an eye on the computer by the user in real time anywhere in the world with SpyGo Ultima. Perform remote configuration program to fit your needs.
  • History – with the help of spyware, you know which sites the user visits and what he types in the search engines. What is more, with the statistics system, you can track which sites are being visited most frequently by the user.
  • Monitor recording – you can watch the screen of the user in real time
  • Tracking users by the screenshots from the screen – you use a filter to view only images of a certain time and with the right sites.
  • Keylogger (keyboard control) – you can get access to any information entered from the keyboard on any site: text, passwords, logins, and searches.
  • Control of working time – you know how much time a user spends on the computer, which part goes to work and how much is spent surfing the internet or omissions.
  • Delivery of reports on e-mail, cloud, FTP-server – you can always know what is happening on the computer thanks to receiving detailed reports that are automatically delivered to a convenient place for you.

As you can see, using parental control online system can be a good idea since you can monitor and control each step performed by your child in the Internet preventing some potential risks and threats.

The Information about Tracking Software and Remote Control over Kids

Online Tracking and Remote Control over Kids

How to control the child when you are not around? Strange though it might sound, today it is easy to do since there are some programs that allow you to view the PC screen of your kid through the Internet, using a reference to the account. Besides, in addition to the set of monitoring functions, parental control software programs have a lot of extra functions let up on parents. So let’s take a look at the main capacities of modern spyware applications.

General Characteristics

Parental control software performs remote monitoring of a user PC with the function of online screen viewing via the Internet. With this program, you can always view what is happening on the screen of the PC from another computer or even from your phone or tablet connected to the Internet. The program is easy to use and install and doesn’t require any special knowledge to be used effectively. The thing you need to do is to download the app from the official website, which downloads and installs the program automatically. Further, after the installation completion, go to settings and connect the program to your account to enable screen viewing function online.

Features to Use

In addition to normal playback, in the spyware, you can choose what to monitor and what reports you would like to receive. This can be the text typed on the keyboard, websites visited by the user, files downloaded, as well as correspondence in installed on the user’s PC messengers. Obviously, the program provides a lot of opportunities that everyone chooses for himself based on their goals and objectives.

Apart from the viewing of the screen, you can connect your PC to the webcam to monitor not only all the actions performed on the computer but also outside it. There you can see whether your child is doing homework or chatting on his mob.

It should be noted that the programs provide an opportunity to perform hidden online tracking and allow you to record a video from the screen and send it to your account. Besides, it is also possible to dissipate without the necessity to watch the entire video. A user of the spyware has access to the traffic encryption, with all the data being securely encrypted and transmitted via the server through AES encryption.

This feature provides dual password protection. The first is associated with an online account: the password used to access the online system is saved. This allows you only to view a list of computers previously added to the online system, but also to contact them. The second thing is the password access that allows you to connect to your computer and see the sensitive data.
Thus, the program allows you to work with different remote PCs simultaneously from anywhere in the world. All in all, as you can see, using spyware programs provides a lot of opportunities to a modern parent enabling them to control all the actions, interests and friends of their kids.