All About The Best Spyware for Parents: Short Overview for Today

Spyware for Parents: Short Overview

The phrase of Ronald Reagan “trust but verify” gained immense popularity, going beyond the problem of the disarmament of 2 great powers. Many things in the world are held in the balance between control and trust. The examples do not need to go far. Look, you live in a family with a growing child. His education is a balance between prohibitions, rigor, freedom, and independence. Every parent determines the balance in his way.

But this decision is very important since it influences the future of a child. Thus, overdoing the control and punishment leads to the formation of angry people with complexes, who are unable to make independent decisions and take risks. On the other hand, providing too much freedom often leads to erroneous ways of development of the child, facing the risks of taking drugs and jumping into hasty marriages. That is why it is critically important to consider the personality of your kid and his interests before deciding on the “strategy” of raising a strong, successful, and smart personality.

For this purpose, a modern product of parental control software will be of great help. Many parents think about the worthwhileness to use spyware. And there is nothing wrong here if you use it for good purposes only. Using the computer with the access to the Internet is always fraught with risk. Technology can bring together distant people, but it can also be the cause of strife, family dramas, etc. The computer can be a source of knowledge, but it can brainwash turning an obedient child into madcap.

Parental control software is a tool for covert surveillance over PC of your kid. The program allows you to monitor multiple versions of happenings in the system storing the info in a special log-file. The work of the program is unthinkable without secrecy. It is impossible to control another person, in case the control method is transparent and can be easily bypassed. In order to control to be effective, you must hide the application, which cannot be detected. This is actually what parental control spyware does when it comes to functioning.

A List of Capabilities

Regarding capacities, parental control software has a multi-faced functional structure. Its capacities include the following feature:

  • Monitoring all activities on a computer – get all the information about what actions are carried out on the PC: websites visited, programs run, typing, file operations, working hours and much more.
  • Remote real-time monitoring – keep an eye on the computer by the user in real time anywhere in the world with SpyGo Ultima. Perform remote configuration program to fit your needs.
  • History – with the help of spyware, you know which sites the user visits and what he types in the search engines. What is more, with the statistics system, you can track which sites are being visited most frequently by the user.
  • Monitor recording – you can watch the screen of the user in real time
  • Tracking users by the screenshots from the screen – you use a filter to view only images of a certain time and with the right sites.
  • Keylogger (keyboard control) – you can get access to any information entered from the keyboard on any site: text, passwords, logins, and searches.
  • Control of working time – you know how much time a user spends on the computer, which part goes to work and how much is spent surfing the internet or omissions.
  • Delivery of reports on e-mail, cloud, FTP-server – you can always know what is happening on the computer thanks to receiving detailed reports that are automatically delivered to a convenient place for you.

As you can see, using parental control online system can be a good idea since you can monitor and control each step performed by your child in the Internet preventing some potential risks and threats.

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