The Information about Tracking Software and Remote Control over Kids

Online Tracking and Remote Control over Kids

How to control the child when you are not around? Strange though it might sound, today it is easy to do since there are some programs that allow you to view the PC screen of your kid through the Internet, using a reference to the account. Besides, in addition to the set of monitoring functions, parental control software programs have a lot of extra functions let up on parents. So let’s take a look at the main capacities of modern spyware applications.

General Characteristics

Parental control software performs remote monitoring of a user PC with the function of online screen viewing via the Internet. With this program, you can always view what is happening on the screen of the PC from another computer or even from your phone or tablet connected to the Internet. The program is easy to use and install and doesn’t require any special knowledge to be used effectively. The thing you need to do is to download the app from the official website, which downloads and installs the program automatically. Further, after the installation completion, go to settings and connect the program to your account to enable screen viewing function online.

Features to Use

In addition to normal playback, in the spyware, you can choose what to monitor and what reports you would like to receive. This can be the text typed on the keyboard, websites visited by the user, files downloaded, as well as correspondence in installed on the user’s PC messengers. Obviously, the program provides a lot of opportunities that everyone chooses for himself based on their goals and objectives.

Apart from the viewing of the screen, you can connect your PC to the webcam to monitor not only all the actions performed on the computer but also outside it. There you can see whether your child is doing homework or chatting on his mob.

It should be noted that the programs provide an opportunity to perform hidden online tracking and allow you to record a video from the screen and send it to your account. Besides, it is also possible to dissipate without the necessity to watch the entire video. A user of the spyware has access to the traffic encryption, with all the data being securely encrypted and transmitted via the server through AES encryption.

This feature provides dual password protection. The first is associated with an online account: the password used to access the online system is saved. This allows you only to view a list of computers previously added to the online system, but also to contact them. The second thing is the password access that allows you to connect to your computer and see the sensitive data.
Thus, the program allows you to work with different remote PCs simultaneously from anywhere in the world. All in all, as you can see, using spyware programs provides a lot of opportunities to a modern parent enabling them to control all the actions, interests and friends of their kids.

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