Spyware for Parental Control: Cases, Features & Capabilities

Spyware for Parental Control: Cases, Features & Capabilities

At the modern time, using a PC and having access to the Internet is associated with many risks for an adult user, not to speak of kids, who may be exposed to some harmful information and a negative influence. That’s it why a modern parent is trying to find facilities that could provide control over their child to prevent some potential risks. Do you search for the way to know what your kid is doing on the PC in your absence? Do you need to record all his actions performed on a PC and monitor visited sites? All these questions can be answered with the help of a modern  parental control software used for tracking all operations made by the user on the computer.

Specific Capacities

Now a parent can set a convenient and secure control system for a computer depending on his needs. These include the following functional capacities:

  • Spyware stores all the collected info on your PC.
  • Parental control software can automatically forward all the collected data to your specified email though the Internet.
  • The program can conduct covert surveillance and is 100% invisible to the user.
  • The Software gives you the opportunity to watch the network of your computer.
  • Spyware runs automatically every time the use turns on a computer.
  • The program is simple to use, with the intuitive interface with a list of settings.

Thanks to the work of developers, modern spyware products open more control opportunities for parents, enabling them to watch over every step and action performed by a kid. What is more, the programs feature flexible algorithms and can generate reports in the following way:

  • By way of viewing the user’s screen via remote access in real time – online tracking;
  • In the form of tables of actions and statistics charts;
  • In a slideshow of screenshots and recorded actions;
  • In the form of web pages viewed in a browser

For 100% comfort of a parent, reports can be stored on the server or send to a specified e-mail in any format.

Owing to the intuitive interface of spyware, even “unadvanced” computer users will be able to work with the program easily. Besides, thanks to the program modules being able to crack passwords and tracking keyboard, the spyware can intercept and record any passwords. Thus, you will be able to disclose passwords for an email, Skype, Miranda, ICQ, and QIP and afterward conduct “spying” yourself without using any spyware.

With such a useful software, you will be aware of everything that is happening in the life of your child. Further, the application has a special feature that considerably saves you time: tracking messages for keywords used in the context. Thus, you do not need to view all the messages from your phone; you can simply enter stop words in your account and see when they are used in messages of your child. It is very convenient, and you’ll know what your kid is talking about and if there are any unacceptable, dangerous or suspicious things.

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